Youths to put Sri Aman on tourism map


IF Baizura Abang had her way, scores of tourists will soon be flocking to Sri Aman to visit  the attractions located throughout the division.

The 25-year old said Sri Aman possesses many places of interest, which were sadly unknown to the general public, or perhaps just ‘undiscovered’ at this point in time.

Representing Sri Aman Division in Angkatan Zaman Mansang (Azam) Sarawak’s Youth Engaged in Social Innovation, Service, Education and Enterprise (YES I SEE) project, Baizura and members of her group, Sri Aman Mansang, aim to uncover the beauty of Sri Aman and tap the vast tourism potential there.

Led by Baizura, Sri Aman consists of Gloria Emily Daud, 17; Agustina Baindang, 17; Sabrina Nayah Joshua, 19; Romzielawati Rosli, 18; Hudson Pilo Joseph Chaie, 19; and Alicesa Robert, 18.

Sri Aman Mansang chose to focus on tourism for the YES I SEE project because of the group’s confidence in developing the division into one of the state’s premier destinations.

“However, we do realize that in order to achieve this goal, we may have to develop packages that are different from the ones offered right now.

“This also means we have to think outside the box, in terms of the attractions that we have in Sri Aman now, and in terms of how we approach the places with the potential to be developed as tourist destinations,” said Baizura.

One of Sri Aman Mansang’s early ideas involves tapping the potential of the Batang Lupar, which has always been famous for its historical significancw among the local Iban community, or infamous for being haunt of the legendary crocodile Bujang Senang.

“Our focus is also on developing fun and interesting activities for tourists to add value to their experience when visiting Sri Aman.

“For example, I’m sure tourists would be interests to cruise leisurely along the Batang Lupar, while we explain to them the historical significance of the places along the way and perhaps they’ll also enjoy their lunch on the boat at the same time.”

Each project under YES I SEE is required to provide a benefit to Sarawak and Sri Aman Mansang hope that through its project, local communities would be able to generate more income from increased tourism activities.

“Whenever possible, we want to involve the local community in taking a more active role in promoting tourism,” said Baizura.

As with groups from other divisions throughout Sarawak, Sri Aman Mansang awas given a deadline to come up with their project proposal.

“For us, the biggest challenge has been to obtain information about the various places in Sri Aman, due to the time constraints we are under.

“It has also been a challenge for us to meet up to discuss as a group because of our personal commitments,” said Baizura.

The group members, however, have been fortunate in having unofficial mentors to guide them, namely Sri Aman Resident Abang Shamshuddin Abang Seruji, his two deputies and administrative officer.

“They have been very supportive of our project and are always interested in the progress we are making.”
As for the YES I SEE project, Sri Aman Mansang appreciates the fact that it provided an opportunity for the youth of Sarawak to develop their ideas, which eventually will bring benefit not only for themselves but also the state as a whole.

On a personal level, Baizura revealed that the best thing about taking part in YES I SEE was it helped her learn more about the vast business opportunities available and also educated her about how to run a good business.

“The most valuable part of this whole experience is that this project has given me the opportunity to realize my dreams.”